We believe church membership is God's plan for, and a gift to, every Christian. It is a commitment to a local Biblical community for the individual's good and for the good of the church.

Discover CrossLife

Before making a commitment to membership at CrossLife we ask that you attend a three week class called Discover CrossLife. This class gives you an opportunity to understand what we believe, who we are and how you can plug in. Classes typically take place in the fall and spring. 

CrossLife Membership Process

  1. Attend Discover CrossLife.
  2. Fill out and submit an application for membership
  3. Interview with the Membership Committee. This is a time to share your testimony (faith story) with the committee, to ask any additional questions you have, and for us to get to know you on a deeper level. We will schedule an interview shortly after we receive your application.
  4. Be approved for membership by the congregation at the next congregational meeting.