What are LIFE Groups?

LIFE Groups are small gatherings of people (approx. 8-15 people) that meet together on a regular basis for: 

  • Learning: by studying the Bible and applying it to daily life 
  • Intercession: by praying for each other and for common concerns 
  • Friendship: by sharing real-life together and caring for each other 
  • Evangelism: By inviting friends to join the group and serving in Christ's name

What Happens in LIFE Groups? 

  • Sharing: our experience of life together  
  • Caring: for each other and bearing each other's burdens 
  • Prayer: that lifts up life's challenges and celebrates life's joys  
  • Growth: personal and spiritual  
  • Discipleship: that builds each other up in love 
  • Friendship/Fellowship: fun and laughter, and growing deeper friendships 

Where do LIFE Groups Meet? 

LIFE Groups most often meet in homes, but can also meet at the church or other locations. The groups are facilitated by small group leaders who are under the direction of our Pastor of Adult Ministries. The frequency of gatherings, choice of study materials, and leadership responsibilities are all determined by members of the group - so every group is a little different. 

How Can I Join a Life Group?

All of our Life Groups are "open" and are welcome options for you to attend, even just to visit to see if it's a good fit and schedule for you. You can reach out to group leaders directly or you can contact the Church Office to help you get connected to a group that would be a good fit for you. For a list of current groups and where they meet you can use the link below. 

Current Life Groups